Iceland Midnight Sun Cross Country Rally 2009

Drive some of the most grueling roads and tracks in Europe in daylight into the sumer night. Pass magnificent glaciers and cross the largest desert in Europe. Stages from 40 km to 288 km in this magnificent event with 1325 km special stages. Drive on variable surface including, gravel, mud, lava and pumice all in the same day. And still have time left for some sight seeing, See the magnificent glaciers, geysers, waterfalls, volcanos, wast lava-fields and take a bath in geothermal water in the Blue Lagoon.
An adventure not to be missed!

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Iceland is 103.000 km2 most of it is not inhabited. The island is only 500 km across from west to east, and 300 km from south to north. All the cities, towns and villages are near the coastline typically at sea level. The interia / highland is mostly desert landscape. Most common surface is palagonite tuff (gravel) lava, pumice (ash), sand, mud and mixtures of this. Only the main traffic roads are paved with tarmac. The interia / highland opens in the spring (or summer if you like) early June and stays accessible depending on wether and condition until October. The mountain tracks suitable for Cross Country Rallying are at around 100 – 700m above sea-level. The highest mountain peak being ca: 2111m (Hvannadalshnjúkur)
From early June to early July there is daylight throughout the night, 24 hr. But during December and January there is scares daylight.
The population is only 300.000 which 200.000 live in or in the vicinity of Reykjavik the capital. Icelanders have been rallying for 30 years and motorsport is slowly but surely being recognized as good family-sport. A part of the Rally Reykjavik takes place on some of the potential Cross Country Rally Iceland stages but many tracks have not been used as they are better suited for Cross Country type vehicles. Logistics are easy and straight forward both to and from the island as well as in land. In most cases the stages can be reached at both ends and sometimes along the rout by alternative roads. Icelanders have a well trained and well equipped rescue services both professional and volunteers which provide security and safety services. Iceland is free from armed conflicts and pirates and the people are helpful and friendly. Apart for being the perfect venue for an event like a Cross Country Rally it has many interesting things to offer which even can be incorporated into the race. E.g. a visit to the Blue Lagoon can be visited between legs etc. Although most of the preferred mountain tracks are quite remote there is always accommodation close to the outskirts of the interia providing shelter, from the elements and service to the crews. Often a choice between a rustic basic accommodation or more luxurious hotels. The rout could take competitors past most of the major sites in Iceland attracting tourists by the thousands every year.


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